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You'll arrive to what we've set up as your personal marbling studio,


We'll greet you with a smile then you'll hang up your things and wear an apron to protect your clothing.  (After all, the pigments we use are designed to stay on fabric permanently!)

You'll then be given a brief overview on how the process works. Once your questions have been answered, it's time for you to select your color palette for your design.

Drop, style, rake, design and play with the paint to reach your custom designed wearable artwork in our positively fun and supportive studio.  We're always

nearby to advise and assist.

Once you're finished, you lay the silk on top of your design!  Then we bag up your silk to take with you so it can drip dry at home.  The entire process is quick and energizing.

Join the lucky ranks of happy people who have experienced the joy of water marbling at Marbley.

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